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    Negotiating Tactics Across Cultures: Compare USA to Japan

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    Need some help selecting two countries to research, need to document each country's cultural and ethnic composition as well as the population's ethnic makeup, include percentages (for example: Malaysia Ethnic groups: Malaysian 50.2%, Chinese 24.5%, Indigenous 11.0%, Indian 7.2%, Non-Malaysian citizens 5.9 %, Others 1.2%).

    One of the countries that's selected will be the country in which my organization is currently headquartered and where I am employed. The second country is the country that my organization will be negotiating with as a potential supplier on a major purchase of key components used for manufacturing my product.

    I require assistance examining the cultural and ethnic differences of the two selected countries and determining the appropriate negotiation tactic that would be most effective in reaching the objective. Need to conduct the negotiation so it would be successful.

    In doing this I need some help identifying the negotiation tactics that would be effective in reaching my objective and identifying the negotiation tactics that would be ineffective when dealing with the selected country, and explain why those tactics would be ineffective.

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    // This whole paper deals with the comparison of the USA and Japan on the basis of cultural and ethnic composition. After comparing the two countries, this paper will explain the negotiation tactic that will help the company to expand the market successfully and act as a potential supplier in another country. This will help in achieving the organizational objectives. //

    In the world, United States is the fourth largest country, including fifty states and one federal district. The physical environment is diverse and dramatic. In summer, at Alaska glaciers is full of flora. The forests are full of big trees at Pacific North West and northern California. Some landscapes are also there. They are Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, etc.

    The interior low lands have the Great Plains which is growing wheat. In the west, it has highest peak of the country, Mt. McKinley. The physical environment also has an impact on regional cultures. The Midwest area consists of top soil which makes that area an agricultural area. In central, it consists of rivers and lakes which help in developing the industrial area. Settlers change the Great Plains from tall grasses into irrigation and agriculture with the fields of soybeans and wheat. In the west dams and pipelines, developed Los Angeles and deserts are changing into oasis. These changes were initiated by the Native Americans which were continued by the American Settlers. This means, environment shapes the country's culture. American symbols are independence, democracy and wilderness (Doane, 2010).

    Population and language: In 2008, The United States has a population of approximately 304 million. California is the most populated state. U.S. Categorizes population according to race and Hispanic origin status, like white are 204 million, Black African-American 39 million, American Indian and Alaska Native are 3 million. Asian people including Chinese, Japanese, and Indian, Korean, Filipino and Vietnamese origin are 13 million, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander are 5 lakh, people comprising of two or more races are 5 million. Hispanic origin includes mainly Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban descents are 46 million and non Hispanic origin has 199 million. In the US, there is no official language. Most common language used by the US population is English then Spanish (Population, 2009).

    Government & Economy: The United States has a federal republic national government. Political system is dominated by two parties: the Republicans and the Democrats. USA has an advanced industrial economy. Its GNP is the highest in the world. It is the world's leading exporter in food. It is also a producer and exporter of scientific knowledge and technology. Majority of businesses include services like finance, advertising, tourism and other professions. Major industries in USA ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1764 words.