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Managing Diversity

Asbestos in Industry

Review the attached case study. In your view, what moral duties, if any, did Johns-Manville as a corporation (or any other corporate or individual parties in the case) have that should have been carried out? Formulate the moral standards on which your view is based. Do your standards meet the consistency requirement?

Using a 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference between the variances in assembly times (in seconds) of employees trained in a computer-assisted, individual-based program...

10.49 The director of training for a company that manufactures electronic equipment is interested in determining whether different training methods have an effect on the productivity of assembly-line employees. She randomly assigns 21 of the 42 recently hired employees to a computerassisted, individual-based training progra

Discrimination Legislation

Identify some of the reasons driving the need for discrimination legislation. What possible conflicts exist with regards to ensuring compliance and promoting diversity? Compare and contrast the information provided in the textbook with experience within your own country, identifying differences and speculating on usefulness.

Diversity in business, challenges, values, skills needed, limitations

1. What is diversity? How important is a definition of diversity for managers and companies? How much does it need to change, if at all, as we move from company to company, go across borders, or operate as a multi-national organization? 2. As you read through the issues in the assigned cases and reflect on your own experience


Using the Hofstede or Globe cultural dimensions of the country, compare it to the USA or another country that you know.

Identify the Definition of Cross-Cultural Competence.

For this assignment you will need to read the following article: Cross-Cultural Competence in International Business: Toward a Definition and a Model Author(s): James P. Johnson, Tomasz Lenartowicz, Salvador Apud Source: Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 37, No. 4 (Jul., 2006), pp. 525-543 Published by: Palg

Comparison of Small and Large Retailers

Please provide an analysis for each concept listed below on "how would small and large retailers approach each of the following differently"? a. Diversity b. Recruitment c. Selection d. Training e. Compensation f. Supervision

Starbucks Degree of Alignment

Company: Starbucks Analyze the degree of alignment between the organization's stated values and the organization's actual plans and actions.

Article Critique Research

Critically review a research article in the professional field of CHILD DEVELOPMENT. The object of my critique is to describe how the study followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research. Speculate on which of the writer's conclusions were warranted and which were not. Include the following topics in my critique of

Listening Skills and Etiquette in Cross Cultural Communications

1. Describe the role and importance of listening skills in cross-cultural communication. How can these skills be learned or improved? 2. Consider the following statement: "Each culture has its own norms of etiquette. In a diverse society like America, as well as in a globalized world, it is difficult to establish principles

Important information about cultural differences.

Your manager informs you that you have been promoted to a new position at one of the U.S. firm's foreign branches. She cautions you that based on some bad experiences she has had when she worked overseas, a heightened awareness and sensitivity to different cultural norms is required to be successful when you move to and work in

Analyze Wal-Mart's Discrimination case

See attached file. Refer to Wal-Mart's Discrimination case and answer the questions provided in essay format: 1. According to this case, which employment laws has Walmart been accused of violating? I say the Title VII of the CRA of 1964. 2. How might it have avoided those charges? 3. Which challenge do you think will be

Virtual Group Charter

Suggest a formal "Virtual Group Charter." At a minimum, the charter should contain a group name, specific rules for engagement, norms of expected behavior, and selection of a formal leader. Write this in the form of a Group Charter. Use at least four relevant references to support your rules of engagement for a virtual tea

Cultural Considerations for differences in negotiations

Discuss in what way international and cross-cultural negotiations differ. Recommend actions that negotiators can take to prepare themselves for the differences and support your recommendations. Discuss how you would describe yourself as a negotiator in regard to Hofstede's cultural dimensions. On which side of the continuum a

Research: Describing secondary souces

1) Describe secondary research information as a competent in an integrated marketing plan, including ways in which it might and might not be used. 2) Provide an analysis of the value of the secondary research information sources to business economic success, including their availability and cost-effectiveness. The secondary

Ensure diversity, individual attributes, external or internal recruits

1. If you were to develop a recruitment policy, please explain what factors you could include to ensure that diversity initiatives are in place. 2. Aside from individual attributes, what factors would you consider most important in recruiting employees? Explain. 3. Which do you consider more valuable: external or internal

Cultural Environment of International Business: Language

1. Can you think of some specific examples that illustrate the link between culture and language? 2. What is mean by following the phrase: 'People who speak different languages segment their world differently'? 3. How would you explain the assertion that language influences and shapes how people perceive their world?

Decision Models using Excel

Decision Support Systems allow us to analyze complex relationships and to examine what if situations. Excel is an excellent tool for performing this type of analysis. In this assignment you will use Excel to solve basic quantitative analysis problems based in Linear Programming, Network Analysis, and Work Assignment. Use Micr

Research diversity mission statements for corporations as well as non-profit organizations and summarize what seem to be common elements in those statements. In your opinion, are organizations, in general, living up to their diversity mission statements? Is there a proverbial 'Glass Ceiling' for certain groups of people?

Research diversity mission statements for corporations as well as non-profit organizations and summarize what seem to be common elements in those statements. In your opinion, are organizations, in general, living up to their diversity mission statements? Is there a proverbial 'Glass Ceiling' for certain groups of people?

Group Dynamics and Processes

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution. Compare and contrast between a group and a team. Include analysis of communication, diversity, conflict management, and motivation.

Cultural dimensions theory

In accordance to the Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions, how does the United States compare or compete in regards to how different cultures based on their norms are affected in the workplace and how as a manager would my values be different from other countries in comparison to the US in individuality, power-distance and long