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Diversity issue

Can someone help with a diversity issue you read about or know about from the past. Recall what you remember about this issue, including the context, situation and what attention it attracted. Then, note how this issue affected the company and HRM. Where were some legal aspects or issues to be considered by the employee and/or the organization?

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I was a salary manager at McDonald's in Elkton, MD for awhile. One of my duties was to review applications, interview, and hire. We had several diversity issues that I notice immediately. One issue was that our back of the house was made up of Mexican immigrants on work visas. All managers before me hired only Mexican immigrants to run the kitchen. The front of the house was made up of young white students, or young adults, while the maintenance department was also Mexican immigrants, and the managers were either whites or Mexicans that were bilingual. At first ...

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The expert examines diversity issues within a company. The legal aspects and issues to be consider by the employee or organization is determined.