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GLOBE Cultural Dimensions

A cultural profile is a good starting point to help managers develop some tentative expectations..."some cultural context..."as a backdrop to managing in a specific international setting. Using the GLOBE cultural dimensions, what are the first four dimensions and their usefulness to managers? Explain.

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GLOBE stands for Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness. It was conceived in 1991 by Robert J. House and its major premise is "that leader effectiveness is contextual, that is, it is embedded in the societal and organizational norms, values, and beliefs of the people being led" (Hoppe, 2007, para 2).

There are nine cultural dimensions. The first four are:

-Power Distance - "The degree to which members of a collective expect power to be distributed equally" (Hoppe, 2007, para 3). For managers, this essentially is the expectation they have a certain degree of power to implement their practices with their employees with some element of freedom to do so. For example, collectively, managers ...

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A discussion regarding how cultural profiling affects tentative expectations in an international setting for business. Also, illustrating the GLOBE cultural dimensions inculding a focus on the first four dimensions and how they are useful to management. 406 words, 1 reference.