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Business Management

Leadership styles and traits

Requirements Written Report 1. The report must use your own language and should specify the reference(s) from which the information is taken. If you cut and paste a sentence you must use quotation marks and write the author, year, and page number in brackets in the text after the quotation. 2. The report must: • have

Project Management Correspondence

Read the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions upon your completion. You recently earned your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and you are excited to share the news with your manager. After a short discussion, the manager looks at you and says, "Shawn, let's not waste any time. I have a b

Capital budgeting calculations

Healthcare Financial Management and Economics — Capital Budgeting There are many options to buy capital, including cash purchases, loans, leasing, and other forms of payment. Your goal as a healthcare manager is to determine which method is best for your organization, given its financial and organizational structure (i.e

Manager's choice for shareholders

Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. Its for an MBA course..... We can imagine the financial manager doing several things on behalf of the firm's stockholders. For example the manager might: a. Make shareholders as wealthy as possible by investing in real assets. b. Modify the firm's investment plan to he

Article analysis for setting up of operations in foreign countries

As you recall, we are working on a course project. The final deliverable of the course project is a detailed memo that you will prepare, outlining the opportunities and constraints of establishing operations in another country from a legal perspective. There are three parts to the project. This is Phase 3 of the assignment.

An Analysis of Dish

Why is it best for large organizations like Dish to use both PEST and Porter's 5 Forces analysis in helping its leaders to understand their particular external environment? Make sure you demonstrate understanding of both analytical processes in your discussion and give clear, Dish-related examples to support your arguments.

Binary variables and logistic regression

Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. It's for an MBA course. The question was: How can binary variables be used to model logistical conditions. Provide examples. Can someone please provide some assistance with how to restate (restating) the information below. Logistic regression is used to model the b

Strategic management concepts and cases

Hello, could you please answer the following 3 questions using the reference below and at least 1 other for each question? If possible, I would need these in the next 2.5 hours. and they are only 150 words each. I really appreciate your help. I will pay 10 credits. David, F. R. (2011). Strategic management: Concepts and case

Customer Perspective: BSC

Hello, need some help in getting started on a discussion topic. Please see below: "Can you think of any organizations that do not have relevant "customers" to take into consideration? If there are such organizations, how are they different from other organizations where all parts of the Balanced Score Card (BSC) operate equa

Functions of management

Each response should be at least 200 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Question 1 Identify the five basic functions of management, and describe each function. Briefly describe how such functions are used in the cont

Health Care Organization: working capital management

Working capital, or actual cash available for spending, is the key to a successful organization. In a health care organization, it is important to determine how much cash is available to run the day-to-day operations. you analyze the working capital of a health care organization of your choice. Analyze the working capital of

Service Operations & Systems

In 200 words each, can someone explain each of these? 1. Provide and explain an example that supports this statement: "Service operations strategy is the final strategic frontier." 2. Discuss the challenge in managing complexity and variability in support processes associated with service systems design.

International Legal Operations 1 Functions

Describe the role and function of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Administrative Tribunal. Use the CSU Online Library and other sources to research articles concerning this organization. What makes this organization so important to employees and their organizations? This paper should be two to three pages in length

Pacific Imaging Center

Healthcare Financial Management and Economics — Pacific Imaging Center Break-Even Point Formulas Before making hiring or purchasing decisions, healthcare organizations must consider whether the decision is financially profitable. By calculating break-even points, organizations are able to examine actual costs and make

Revenue management using Littlewood's rule

This posting contains two example problems on Revenue management using Littlewood's rule. 1. A trucking firm has current daily capacity of 200,000 cubic feet. A large manufacturer is willing to purchase the entire capacity at $0.10 per cubic foot per day. The manager of this trucking firm has observed that on the spot market, t

Louisville Community Hospital Ratio Analysis

Healthcare Financial Management and Economics — Louisville Community Hospital Assignment 1: Ratio Analysis It is important to understand that when interpreting financial statements, the numbers alone may not provide the whole financial picture of an organization. Instead, you must analyze the statements using ratio

Vietnam War literature

Vietnam War Literature and Arts Research question: What is it? How is it different than other works of the time?

Changes in Organizational Culture

When a statute detracts from the agency's culture, the personnel will likely resist the change. What are some of the reasons an organization might choose to change its culture? What are some of the unintended consequences of an organizational change?

Discussion on promotion

Read the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions upon your completion. Lobos International Scenario: Over the past few years, you and Cindy have been on the fast track at Lobos International, a multinational company providing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) solutions to companies operating in the

Louis Medical Center Financial Statements

Healthcare Financial Management and Economics — Louis Medical Center Developing Financial Statements All organizations, including those in the healthcare industry, need to make money to be profitable and survive. Financial statements, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements, summar

Dish: its Mission, Vision and Values

For your assignment this session the organization you will be reviewing is Dish. You will be considering how this organization competes within a very competitive industry. After reviewing materials, and additional readings, consider the organization's mission/vision/values and key stakeholders and discuss the organization's

Mergers and acquisitions

1.4) What are the two types of affective message strategies? Define both and describe an advertisement that illustrates each. 2.4) Explain the concepts of severity, vulnerability, and response efficacy in the behavioral response model. 3.1) List and discuss some guidelines for when forward integration would be a particular

International Legal Operations

Phase 2 As you recall, we are working on a course project. The final deliverable of the course project is a detailed memo that you will prepare, outlining the opportunities and constraints of establishing operations in another country from a legal perspective. There are three parts to the project. For this assignment, you are

Affordable Care Act and Problem of adverse selection

Health care market failures, such as adverse selection, can be addressed through government policy and regulation. By limiting barriers and providing access to health care through policy such as the health insurance expansion under the Affordable Care Act, policy makers can address failures and ensure adequate insurance coverage

Cost Transparency in Health Care

Scenario: On behalf of consumers, employers and local purchasers in your market are committed to slowing health care costs by improving visibility on hospital prices. A recent media story revealed that prices in your local market were the highest in the state. You are a member of a private sector consulting service that has been

Innovative Benefits

Locate an example of an innovative compensation or benefits program from within or outside the health care industry. Evaluate the program you selected. Why, in your opinion, is the program effective? Consider the program features, its intended outcomes, and how those outcomes are met. How might you improve upon the progra

Human Resources Labor Relations

would you all agree that labor relations and unionization are heavily debated topics? A brief look at the history of organized labor in the United States and the current harsh labor conditions among some developing countries bring forth some tough concepts to consider. Would you agree that society generally expects much mo

International Legal Operations 1

Phase 1 You will be developing a course project that will begin in Unit III and finish in Unit VII. The course project will be done in three phases. This project is a practical memo on a company interested in expanding into another country. The memo focuses on the international business law and practices for the international

Project Management Planning

1- Define the purpose and mission of team? 2- Define the team members accountable for the results, those who need to be consulted during the progression, and those who need to be kept informed along the way.) 3 - Define the skills, roles, and responsibilities of each team member; define who will do what on each assess