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    Write an assessment of the logistical, financial, and any other considerations of implementing eMobile/eHealth information technology in your organization. If mobile technology is in use in your organization, give a brief description of the technology in use, and assess the impact this has had on operations.

    Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

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    There are several logistical, financial, and other considerations that impede the implementation of eMobile/eHealth information technology in my organization. When e-health was introduced in the organization where I work there was need for technical knowledge. Even though the systems were user friendly, the training provided was inadequate to use the system. Most nurses and doctors avoided using the system. Also, the system used to collapse because the maintenance was inadequate. When the system went down, there were instances when patient data and information was lost. The entry of old records was also time consuming and we did not have the expertise to upload all old records. Later, when the system had to be connected to other centers, the hospital first tried to use physical connections to create a LAN. This proved to be unfeasible and an internet based system was developed. Several doctors, and administrative staff raised doubts about confidentiality of information and privacy of patients. it was believed that a hacker ...

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