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    Diabetes 2: Public Health Polcy

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    How can such issues be addressed via public policy? How can we, as public health leaders, help with the solution?

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    Such issues can be addressed via public policy in several ways. The key reasons for Diabetes 2 are excessive caloric intake, low physical activity, smoking, drinking, and obesity. Public policy can help reduce prices of healthy food. Recently the prices of healthy food have increased substantially. Further, public policy can tax unhealthy food and make it expensive. For example, sweetened drinks can be taxed to reduce their consumption. Similarly, junk food should be taxed. Pricing policy can help reduce the prices of healthy food such as fruit and vegetables. Public policy can help reduce the costs to the consumer of whole grains, fish, lean meat, and vegetables. Public policy can influence the ...

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    The answer to this problem explains how the problem of diabetes 2 can be addressed through public policy and by public health leaders. The references related to the answer are also included.