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    Huawei's Strategy in Canada

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    See attached case study.
    Help with a detailed 6-7 page analysis of the issues that responds to the criteria listed below.
    Use only the data presented in the case study. Additional research is not needed.
    Please see attached case study.
    Help me Prepare a 6-7 page White Paper for the board of directors of Huawei Technologies Ltd. With recommendations for Huawei's future strategy in the Canadian market following the actions of the US, Australian and Indian governments and the adverse publicity that has followed.

    The response should contain the key talking points which Sean Yang will use in his face to face meeting with the company's board.

    You need to help me analyze Huawei's position and prospects in Canada within the overall Huawei corporate strategy.

    I want the following areas covered in the response:
    •What were the factors behind Huawei's decision to enter the Canadian market? Use the PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) framework to analyze the external environment pertinent to Huawei's entry into Canada in the year 2008.
    •Given the rapid technological developments and expected future growth in Canada's telecommunications industry, how has Huawei responded to competition during the first three years (2008 to 2011) of its operations? Please use Michael Porter's Five Forces Model for analysis of the telecom sector in Canada. These five forces are the power of suppliers, power of customers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, and competitive rivalry, i.e. intensity of competition. Describe how Huawei has been able to benefit from or defend against these forces, as the case may be, while implementing its growth strategy in Canada.
    •what two options can be presented to the board of directors for growing Huawei's future operations in Canada. What would be the potential downside and upside of each option based on three criteria: strategic attractiveness, economic viability, and organizational feasibility.
    •recommend one of the above options to Huawei's board and explain your choice.

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