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3M Canada alternate strategy

Using the SCOPE Sales Strategy Model by Laurence Williams and "3M Canada: Industrial Business Division" by R. Chandrasekhar case study, please help with the following questions:

1. Which factors are now requiring 3M Canada to re-think its strategy?

2. Which Value discipline should they now consider using within the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overall) segment?

3. How does this new value discipline affect the components of SCOPE - the sales strategy model?

4. What should 3M Canada's sales people and teams stop doing if they are to successfully implement the strategy outlined in your answer to question 3?

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1. Re-think Strategy: In May of 2006, the Industrial Business Division (IBD) of 3M Canada Company was given an order to increase annual organic growth to 12-15% by the year 2008. Ongoing acquisitions could not be used in the calculations, the increase must come independently.
Two major consumers for IBD's products were original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair, and overhaulers (MROs). Generally, those products sold to MROs were of low value. IBD had concentrated on the OEMs more than the MROs because the MRO segment had little brand loyalty. But OEMs have matured, no longer needing new product or any more of the current products.
MRO was growing and some of the mega-corporations were growing at a double digit rate.

2. Major Value Discipline: Change in Customer Focus and Brand Loyalty. New market development and promotion must come from within the IBD ...

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A short analysis of the MRO and Scope Model theory on 3M Canada's strategy.