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Technology & Business Strategy

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1."Managing Technology as a Business Strategy," by Tamara J. Erikson, John F. Magee, Philip A. Roussel, and Kamal N. Saad

According to the authors' classification, what type of technology contributes most to today's competitive advantage? What type (using the authors' classifications) of research would be most appropriate to identifying potential future pacing technologies?

2.At 3M, A Struggle between efficiency and creativity," by Brian Hindo

Explain how Six Sigma may hinder non-incremental innovation.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the key technologies that assist the organizations in attaining competitive advantage. Along with this, we will also write about the type of research, to be used by the Organizations for identifying the potential future pacing technologies.//

Answer 1.

Key technologies

Technology plays a crucial role in the success of a business in current scenario. According to the classification of Erikson and his colleagues, Key Technologies are best for the business in order to take competitive advantages. The production process can be made efficient with the help of differentiating the functions on the basis of technologies. There are numerous technological equipments that make the process effective and efficient. The administration of a company is the main focused area to apply latest technologies (Erikson, Magee, Roussel & Saad, 1990).

A firm should invest high amount in the technologies because it is helpful for the production process, administration, finance & ...

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