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    Globalization, Technology, and Marketing since the Internet

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    The Internet has opened up markets for businesses seeking international commercial contacts. Now, marketing can be carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The most important consideration is to decide the most appropriate strategy to use for a specific business.

    Compare and contrast the approaches and concerns of a manager when formulating business strategies for the following international markets:

    A technology-based company
    A traditional manufacturing business
    Provide examples to support your answers.

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    Title: Globalization, Technology and Marketing

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    Globalization, technology and marketing
    Strategy formulation is considered as the most difficult stage within a strategic management process because it requires a firm to devise its policies, establish its annual objectives, allocate resources and motivate employees which further requires personal discipline, sacrifice and commitment. For a successful strategic implementation process the organization's manager must have a good ability of employee motivation.
    To integrate intuition and analysis in strategic management, good strategic decisions as well as intuition is useful in the whole process of strategic decision making. Intuitive thinking and analytical thinking complement each other. A good process of strategic management however emphasizes feedback more than just the passage of the strategic plan from top to bottom.
    There are several approaches which a manager may use while formulating business ...

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    Globalization, technology and marketing since the internet is examined.