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McDonald's Organization

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I have a project that is centered around the hypothetical situation of assigning high level objectives to a global company. I have to complete a 3-5 page paper about one high level objective for the four top levels of the organization. I'm not asking for someone to complete the project, but just two pages and I'll fill in the rest. Please include how progress can be evaluated when tracking the activities of each group. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help.

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McDonald's organizational structure is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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The company is McDonald's and the four top levels selected are Donald Thomson, the President and Chief Executive officer, Jose Armaio, Corporate Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Development and Franchising, John Betts President, McDonald's Canada, and Timothy Fenton, Chief Operating Officer.
One high level objective for Donald Thomson is to maintain the growth of at least 5% of the net income of McDonald's. This is a serious high level objective for the president, and chief executive officer of McDonald's. In 2011 the net income of McDonald's was $5.50 billion, in 2012 the net income declined to $5.46 billion. The shareholders and the board of directors expect that the net income of McDonald's grows by at least 5% every year. Progress can be tracked by obtaining the net income of a year and comparing it with the net income of the ...

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