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    Canadian and German healthcare systems

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    select two countries to compare with the United States in terms of health care
    1-How is the health system organized? Is there a central governing agency?
    2-How does an individual gain access to needed services, including specialized care?
    3-How are health care services paid for? For example, does the country have a national health system with tax-funded coverage, a health insurance system with a single payer, a health insurance system with multiple insurers, or something else?
    4-What benefits do people in this country experience because of the health system's characteristics? For instance, are people guaranteed access to health care services? Do patients receive well-coordinated care because their health information is readily available to providers through an integrated technology system? Do they have a great deal of choice when selecting physicians?
    5-What challenges do people in this country encounter? For instance, is there typically a long wait to see a specialist? Do patients encounter adverse effects because medical supplies are not readily available? Are health care services prohibitively expensive for most people?

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    In Canada they have a basic primary care system that is paid for by the government. It is funded through public funding and covers basic healthcare such as preventative and medical treatments from primary care doctors and access to hospitals. It is universal, though some provinces (British Columbia and Ontario are two) charge premiums, people cannot be refused because they cannot pay those premiums. Other services, beyond basic are offered in some provinces as well. The federal government sets the guidelines, but the plans are administered provincially. There are no restrictions for medical history, personal income or living standards.
    The system sometimes is considered inefficient. It has however, been considered a primary reason that Canada has a higher life expectancy (80) than many countries. It also boasts the lowest infant mortality rate in the industrialized countries. Some people claim the inefficiencies mean the country should move toward a less socialized plan and one more like now available in the United States. In Canada, all insured residents are entitled to the same level of health care. However, residents, signed up in one province, when they move to another province, will find their ...

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    A review of the healthcare systems in Germany and Canada.