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US vs. Canadian Health Care

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What have been the major historical developments of hospitals in the United States? In Canada? Which one do you feel has evolved more effective patient care?

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This posting involves a question of US and Canadian health care. It explains the major historical developments of hospitals in the United States and Canada. It also discusses which has evolved more effective patient care.

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Early care of patients in the United States was done by a physician who may have had an office, but usually went to see the patient in their home. This type of care lasted well into the 20th century. Most hospitals began as charitable organizations that were managed by religious sectors, then transferred to more government oversight. This change allowed hospitals to obtain funding from tax dollars in the counties or regions where they took care of their patients. Patients seen were from local areas, and it was rare to have people to travel to see a particular physician or healthcare organization.

As healthcare began to evolve, so did the concept of ...

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