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Business Management

Volume to Value in Healthcare

Consider the impact of the transition from volume- to value-based health care delivery in your organization or one with which you are familiar. Potential transitions to consider may be examples such as the shift from inpatient to ambulatory care, the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative, or the Delivery System Reform

Extent marketing, entrepreneurial, customer

criteria: 1) the extent to which you define all relevant terminology, 2) the extensiveness of your literature review, and 3) how you relate the findings in the literature with your organization. question: Corporate culture has been cited in the popular press and in academic literature as being an important internal environ

structure follows strategy

criteria: 1) the extent to which you define all relevant terminology, 2) the extensiveness of your literature review, and 3) how you relate the findings in the literature with your organization. question: Explain what it means by 'structure follows strategy' (words from the great management historian, Chandler). Also provi

Healthcare Organization Operations

Identify one example of an event that has changed the operations of your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. If you are not currently working in a health care organization (HCO), you may choose a case study from a reliable source from which to work. Describe the organization you have chosen in terms o

Cable TV a la Carte Approach

Recall that the main article(s) for each of your blog entries must be no older than 4 months old. If you use an older article as your primary focal article, you will be asked to redo the assignment. You may, of course, use older sources to support your discussion but the article serving as the main focus of your paper must be

EVA for Calculating GAAP Accounting

Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. It's for an MBA course. It needs to be between 600 and 700 words or so. Thank you so much in advance for all your help. I really appreciate it. Please let me know asap if you are unable to help me. The question is......How can Economic Value Added (EVA) statements be u

Funding federal contracts for goods and services

What is the bona fide needs rule, explain its applicability to funding federal contracts for goods and services, and discuss how the bona fide needs rule and independent government cost estimates can work together in helping an agency reconcile its budget. Can you give a potential example of the rule in use/practice. Thanks

Discussion Points of Time Series Analysis

In 200 words each, can you discuss the following? 1. Explain implementing ERP systems. What are the main reasons why a large percentage of executives have negative feelings toward ERP software? 2. What strategies are used by supermarkets, airlines, hospitals, banks, and cereal manufacturers to influence demand? Explain and

Human Resource Management: Labor Laws, Global Workplace

1. Identify the effect labor laws had on employers and employees in the post-Depression United States. Name the specific laws that affected unions in the United States. Your response must be at least 150 words in length. 2. Discuss the ways employers lose NLRB elections. Describe how the acronym T.I.P.S. can assist superv

Human Resource Management: UPS & Union Organization

Video Case: Union-Management Relations (UPS)Instructions: Read the video case in your textbook, titled "Union-Management Relations (UPS),"then watch the corresponding video in the Unit Study Guide. Answer Discussion Questions 15-13 and 15-16 on page 483. Be sure to restate each question in your own words before answering in essa

Dessler: Healthcare, Sarbanes-Oxley, & Benefits

1. Explain the strategies employers use to minimize healthcare costs. Describe how employee leasing firms help small businesses lower their health insurance costs. Your response must be at least 150 words in length. 2 Explain the importance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how it affects incentive plans. Discuss whether you

Job Evaluations,Human Resources, Downsizing

1. Discuss the purpose of job evaluations. Compare and contrast job evaluations conducted for managerial positions versus hourly positions at a company. Your response must be at least 150words in length. 2. Compare the psychological contract (bond) between employers and employees in years past with today. Identify

Supply Chain and Sustainability

Hi, I need help to understand the similarity or a difference between a modern supply chain and sustainability orientations versus traditional purchasing and earlier distribution channels.

High Growth Industries

I need help analyzing a case (attached) with strategic plan recommendations... Write reasonable Strategic Plan (only) including recommendations & timeline with implementation and budgeting of the case! 2-3 pages w/2-3 references... The Case is attached...! Thank you.

supply chain management

In 200 words, discuss each. 1. In discussing characteristics of efficient plants, Goodson, developer of rapid plant assessments, suggests that numerous forklifts are a sign of poor space utilization. What do you think is behind this observation? 2. Identify and discuss the most significant operations and supply management a

Employee Training Techniques/ Management Development Techniques

1. Describe how to use five training techniques discussed in the text. Provide examples of each. Your response must be at least 200 words in length. 2, Compare and contrast the two management development techniques that require trainees to work in groups: action learning and management games. Your response must be a

Employment Selection Tools/ Management Assessment Centers

1. Discuss the factors an employer should consider when deciding on a selection tool. Which methods are proven to have high validity and low adverse impact? Explain why. Your response must be at least 200 words in length. 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using management assessment centers for selection.

Home Healthcare

Find peer-reviewed journal articles about HRM in Home Health Care then analyzed: You can also use the two attached papers, plus your own chosen human resource management (HRM) in home health care topics: Address key elements in home healthcare HRM in your analysis. Cover some of the important managements goals of why HRM

Innovation in the Health Care

how can health care organizations learn to be innovative? What factors constrain organizational learning and innovation?

Wilson Labs & Training

Unit IV Case Study Video: Training (Wilson Learning)Instructions: Read the video case in your textbook,titled "Training (Wilson Learning),"then watch the corresponding video in the Unit Study Guide. Answer 4 of the Discussion Questions on page 251. Be sure to restate each question in your own words before answering in essay fo

Human Resource for Zipcar and Hiring

Unit III Case Study Video Case: Interviewing Candidates (Zipcar) Instructions: Read the video case in your textbook,titled "Interviewing Candidates (Zipcar),"then watch the corresponding video in the Unit Study Guide. Answer two of the Discussion Questions on page 209. 1. What makes Zipcar an attractive employer for w

Decision Making for Failure to Audit

Based off the two other attachments, "Decision Traps" and "Sources of Power", please compare one to the other in the following manner: (1) Summarize the arguments of the "Decision Traps" attachment and the "Sources of Power" attachment. (2) Address the fundamental differences between decision-making according to the "Decisio

Strategy Formulation and Planning

For this submission you will be asked to submit your third blog entry about another important aspect of the strategic management process and to provide examples based on current events pulled from recent articles from reputable sources (such as a major national news source like the NY Times, Business Week, etc.). Recall tha

Dish--Strategic direction and CSR.

In this assignment, consider some key strategies recently implemented by Dish in its effort to succeed and compete in its current competitive environment. Discuss the strategic direction of the company and whether you believe the organization to be on the right track. Make recommendations that you believe would help Dish to gai

360 degree feedback system

I need help with analyzing GE's 360 degree appraisals; then answering these questions! Describe how you will precede case questions begin by analyzing the possible advantages and disadvantages of using 360 - degree appraisals in this plant. Then indicate the decisions you would make regarding each of the following questions

Competition in Healthcare

Read the following prompt and write a 7 sentence response as per the last line's instructions. This is a subject that is being discussed more often on Wall Street. Coopetition between the insurers and service providers, such as hospitals and physicians, is one way these groups maximize the benefits for the relevant parties

Healthcare discussion questions

1. What are some reasons why project scheduling is not done well? 2. What is the difference between statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC)? 3. What are the underlying assumptions of minimum-cost scheduling? Are they equally realistic? 4. What is the difference between the concepts of design qu

Rural Urgent Care Centers Business Plan

Background and Financial Data for Investment in the Rural Urgent Care Center Background Urgent care is the delivery of ambulatory care in a facility dedicated to the delivery of unscheduled, walk-in care outside of a hospital emergency department. Development of the Rural Urgent Care (RUC) facility will facilitate access

How to improve public speaking

what is one area that you feel is a professional strength for you and one area that you continue to need to work on? (Planning and organizing is strength and the area I need work on is speaking at meeting) How do you plan to work on this area to improve it?

Projections for startups and ethics

As a health care administrator, you will undoubtedly be faced with the responsibility of making decisions that may be impacted by ethics. Sometimes, the best approach to a given situation is clear, whereas others require you to carefully consider laws, regulations, and the impact of potential outcomes. How do you ensure you will