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    MGT501: Managing Groups and Teams

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    The following case is an illustration of a group of people who have ceased to work together effectively. You will be using the Johari Window model to help diagnose and suggest solutions to the problems this organization is facing.

    Locate the following source:
    Mento, A. J., Buckheit, P., & Mento, B. A. (2012). Case study: Strident property services. Journal of Business Case Studies, 8(6), 565.

    Define the problem: What exactly is the problem being faced by Strident? How does group dynamics (communications, trust, and conflict) contribute to the situation? How does the Johari Window model contribute to our understanding of the problem?

    Analyze the cause: What forces are working to create this problem?

    Propose a solution: What does the company need to do to turn this situation around? Use the Johari Window model to suggest solutions to the problems this organization is facing. Be specific in your suggestions of recommended actions.

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    Strident Property Services was founded in the early 1990s by Bernie Jacobs. The company managed properties in Baltimore city. The company's culture was relaxed and employees' family obligations were allowed to supersede those of the company. The staff were allowed to dress casually at the office, in jeans and casual shirts. The founder was personable with his staff. Under Bernie's guidance, the company grew to over 60 employees (1).

    Bernie Jacob's son, Alex Jacobs, took the business over in the 2000s. Alex's personality was completely different from that of his father's. Alex was business-like and had a tendentious, hubristic, and even arrogant, demeanor. He disagreed with the relaxed atmosphere his father had created, and proceeded with a series of salvos (1). The truculence between Alex and the staff about time off for family obligations and the dress code led the company into a downward spiral.

    The problems arose due to the shift of cultures fostered by Bernie and Alex. While Bernie had been able to get along well with employees, Alex now argued with them. A director whom the employees labeled a "brown noser" who pushed her work onto others, was able to gain Alex's respect (1). This created an atmosphere of mistrust towards both the manager and Alex. Employees and managers who used to be trusted and praised by Bernie were suddenly criticized by Alex. Since the staff did not trust Alex, their alacrity soured to umbrage, and they no longer strove to improve the company's services.

    The director of IT was competent and well-liked by everyone at Strident, but was unhappy about his compensation (1). As he voiced his opinions about his compensation, other managers became unhappy about their compensation too. The Johari Window is a model that helps employees at a company build trust between one another by teaching employees about themselves and developing employees as human beings. The model encourages employees to disclose information about themselves in order to build trust with their co-workers (2). Unfortunately, in this case, the compensation information in the Hidden Area that was revealed by ...

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