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    Leadership Style Comments

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    ( This Question Not for Mr. Stephen Washington, MS )
    ( This Question Not for Mr. Stephen Washington, MS ) Thanks.
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    The knowledge that I gained from the Intellipath portion of this class has forced me to think about my own leadership style. I have not had a lot of experience in a management position before starting my college endeavors. My only management position was as a customer service manager at a close-by Wal-Mart. And, as everybody knows, that position is the lowest management position in their hierarchy. When one has so many managers above you and pressure is exerted in an extreme fashion such as the retail industry is, it is very difficult to determine your leadership style. With customers, you always have to treat their problem as it is while trying to maintain professionalism. Within the Wal-Mart world, the customer is always right and the manager is always wrong. At least that is the way that I interpreted it. With the front-end associates and the other supportive positions (e.g. cart pusher and maintenance), you have to be another or you get the brunt of the upper management's displeasure. I would like to think that my style is one of a participative nature as I am a doer and not one that sits back and let my employees do all of the work.
    This course will also help me advance in my career as I will be able to recognize how others lead and be able to adapt my style to better help the synchronicity of the team. I will be a stronger leader as I will be able to analyze the others on my team and know how to best approach them on a level that they will appreciate and respect.


    ( Example of comment) :
    Hi Katy, Thanks for the post. You have made me think about how to analyze your other managers in order to be able to understand them better. I know what you mean about having so many upper management and getting the brunt of their anger about things. When I first became a manager I was unfortunately associated with a General Manager directly above me that was a very angry unhappy person and it flowed all through the hotel where I was an Assistant to him. At a very young age I was thrown into this mix when I moved across the country with my daugther for the opportunity. It was to say the least a horryifing story that ended 3 years later when all the higher up managers finally realized how bad this man was. We were getting used to the screaming and throwing of things but our customers were not and turned him in a number of times until corporate finally decided to do something about it. It ended with me getting transferred to another location far away and having to testify against him. When I got to my new hotel I was welcomed by the best manager I've ever had to this day and was influenced by him greatly. He has since became a motivational speaker and comes in to companies to teach them how to effectively manage his employees. I am blessed to have worked for him and he changed my life for the better. So I guess my point is that managers can have a great effect on your life. It can be very bad or very good!

    Good Luck,

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    Hi Katy, your post was excellent. It has actually led me to think about my leadership style. The customer service manager at Wal-Mart is not a position that gives you latitude to exercise your leadership style. The hierarchy actually dictates what you have to do. You cannot use your favorite ...

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