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    Plastipak Company

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    need help finding Plastipak company Contingencies Internal risks; External risks; How risks will be avoided; Actions when risks occur

    also analysis of Plastipak in the market; initiatives & standards & impact; Strategies and their alignment

    I have found everything except this information

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    Plastipak company's current plan is to expand its market for customized packaging with added functionality and consumer convenience. Contingency is the plan devised for an outcome other than the expected plan. The contingency for Plastipak is that the company will make standard packing containers of high quality at competitive prices.

    The internal risks of Plastipak relate to its manufacturing locations across the globe and the need to meet the customer demands round the clock and around the world. The three internal risks relevant to Plastipak are the risk of strikes, risk of supplies drying up, and the damage to the manufacturing facilities of Plastipak all over the world. These risks can be avoided by having a robust union agreement, ...

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