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    Three Takeaways

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    High energy is usually present when a new initiative is introduced, at the start of a large project, or at the beginning of an effort to solve a problem. However, as time passes, new priorities emerge, team members change, and operations can drift back to unsatisfactory levels.
    —Daniel B. McLaughlin and John R. Olson

    Describe the three takeaways which are the most important and relevant for you in your current role. How can this information impact the long-term viability of your organization? If you are not working in a health care organization, name three takeaways from this course that you can apply in your current situation.
    Consider what changes or considerations could be sustainable and still in place nine months from now. Which changes will still be in place in 18 months? Which will be still in place two years from now?

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    1. The first takeaway which is most important and relevant to me in my current role is quality of care, cost of care, and the use of technology in care. This information can impact the long-term viability of my organization in several ways. The first way is quality of care. if the quality improved, patient outcomes are improved, re-hospitalization is reduced, and the reputation of the organization improves. Also, there should be well tested standards to which my organization must comply with. If the standards are set correctly and performance is compared with the standards regularly, the quality of care will improve. The second takeaway is the cost of care. The cost can be reduced through simplification of processes, improving efficiency, and higher use of information technology. Lower costs increase the long term viability of my organization. The third takeaway is the greater use of information technology in healthcare. All patient records should be computerized, patient privacy should be ...

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