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Small Town Advantages

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• What are some takeaways in building an oil refinery, a distribution center or an automotive manufacturing plant in small town:

Oil refinery: 100 words

Distribution center: 100 words

Automotive manufacturing plant: 100 words

• How would an auto manufacturing plant propose a better outcome then the other two sources (100 words)

• What are some economic, environmental, and political issues in building an automotive manufacture plant (100 words)

• Could the auto planet propose better opportunities for towns people that have lost their job (100 words).

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Takeaways of having an oil refinery in a small town are as follows. Oil refinery requires considerable land. The cost of real estate is relatively low in small towns. Further, several states offer sales tax exemption on building construction and equipment purchases if the refinery is located in a small town. For example, 100 percent sales tax exemption can mean considerable savings for oil refinery. Small towns have easy access to highways, water ways, or railways. This makes it easier to transport crude to the refinery and also take away some products made by the refinery. The ease of land purchase in small towns helps as land is required for laying pipelines to electric generation plants.

Step 2
The takeaway for a distribution center in a small town is that most small towns are connected with important highways. The trucks find it easy to enter the distribution center and leave when required. There are no time or traffic restrictions on the movements of trucks. Also, the real estate required for building the distribution center is cheaper when compared with larger cities. In addition, the small towns have a uniquely experienced workforce. This reduces the need for additional ...

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This solution explains building an oil refinery, a distribution center or an automotive manufacturing plant in small town. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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