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Business Communication

Sustaining Leader Communication

Note: Use a word count of 150 for each question. Hi, I need some assistance formulating answers for these questions. Not too sure how to approach this. 1.Describe the importance of reinforcing leadership messages. Why do some leaders undervalue reinforcing key messages? 2. If you agree with Jack Welch that leaders can

Communication - Alignment

1. Define the concept of "alignment" as it relates to leadership communication. 2. What role can emotion play in aligning stakeholders with a leadership message?

Business Communication Case Study

(A Mosaic Case-Study): Content of and Standards for Annual Reports Scenario: The Communications Department at Mosaic, Ltd. is getting ready to produce the organization's annual report that will be distributed to all investors and stockholders. Yvonne, who normally oversees the production and printing of this high-end report,

Communication in Business

Select a company with which you are familiar and determine where that company may fall short in terms of communication. Provide specific examples of how these issues could negatively affect the company's bottom line. - Create a list of best practices customized to your own style of communication in a business setting. Give sp

Emotions in Communication

1. Why do leaders find it so challenging to connect with employees' emotions? 2. Frederick Herzberg wrote about the differences between "hygiene factors" and "true motivators." Explain the difference and describe at least two of each kind in your organization.

Writing on Effective Communication Strategies

An effective communication strategy is essential to achieving effective project integration management. Any time the goal is to integrate numerous concurrently operating activities, the role of communication becomes central. This is because independently operating activities all come with their own unique obstacles and challenge

The importance of professional communication skills.

How would your behavior be different when you are interviewing for a job versus having a conversation with a friend whether via phone, email or in person? Give one example of inappropriate professional communication. Why are having appropriate professional communication skills so important?

Cross Cultural - Communication Techniques

Identify three techniques (such as enthusiasm for the message) that you use in your communication to your employees (or coworkers) in order to motivate them to do a certain task. How would you explain goals to your employees (or coworkers) effectively? Support your answer with examples.

Finding Communication Channels as a Manager

Evidence indicates high-performing managers tend to be more media sensitive than low-performing managers - they are better able to match appropriate media richness with the message to be delivered. As a manager, how would you determine which communication channel should be used for a particular message? What barriers might disto

Channels of Communication in an Organization

Scenario 1 Vice President of Operations charged you and your team to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market. You need to take this task back to your team, provide them with the product details, and get them started as quickly as possible because they only have one week to develop a strategy.

Business Communication for Accountants

Consider the last few communications you sent. These might be e-mails, letters, memos, text messages, and so forth. Did you change the way you communicated based on the audience? Provide an example. What was different?

Business Communication: Building a Tip Sheet

I am to build a tip sheet and I am not good at finding strengths or weaknesses about myself. So here is a little about me, I wasn't sure if you could help me put it together: Not good with grammar or punctuation. My spelling is very good. I tend to use too many words. I suppose my tone can be too formal sometimes. I think my

Team Success and Failure in Communication Model

What factors do you believe contributes to a team's success or failure? Were there multiple causes for the team's success or failure? If so, what are they? How are they addressed? If you were leading a team project today, what specific things would you do the same or differently before and during the project to insure success

Interpersonnal Communication

In interpersonnal communication 1. What are some listening barriers? 2. What are their effects? 3. What are appropriate listening strategies?

Business communication: important requests

The most appropriate ending of a message refusing an important request would be: (a) a final reminder of the main reason for the refusal. (b) a sincere expression of regret. (c) a reader-advantage transition. (d) specially adapted goodwill talk. (e)an apology for any inconvenience caused

Business communication: Direct and Indirect Order Explain when the direct order is appropriate in inquiries. When would you use the indirect order? Defend your remarks with examples.

Explain when the direct order is appropriate in inquiries. When would you use the indirect order? Defend your remarks with examples. There is a 200 word minimum response required. Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete the assessment. In-text and reference citations are r

Effective communication in business

1. Which of the following sentences covers its contents in the most roundabout way? (a) It is the president's belief that a recession is near. (b) The president believes a recession is near. (c) The president thinks a recession is near. (d) A recession is near, believes the president. (e) The president t

Business- Organizational Communication

Never mix business with personal mattersâ?"it just leads to damaged relationships, poor business decisions, or both." In what ways might this be a fair statement? In what ways is it unwise advice? Provide examples to support your views. Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete

BBA 2026-09F, Organizational Communication

A fellow student says, "So, I'm not a good writer. But I have other places to put my study time. I'm a management major. I'll have secretaries to handle my writing for me." Give this student your best advice, including the reasoning behind it. There is a 200 word minimum response required. Credible reference materials, incl

Communication Methods-PM

Discuss some of the important ways a PM can gather and analyze information? Comment on the value of informal communication methods when conducting and running a project. Are there times when informal communication takes place when formal communication is needed or vice versa? How would this affect your project?

Analyzing Firm Success Based on Internet Communication

On the basis of the discussion in the personal selling section about problems with internet communication, which of the following two firms is more likely to be successful? Firms A expects to use the internet as a tool to continue the relationships with its foreign customers that were first set up in person. Firm B expects t

Communication Techniques for Management

I need help with the following case: First, imagine that you are a manager with a staff of supervisors who are preparing to take a management course. Then, compose a 200 word memorandum to your staff in your word processor, highlighting what you feel are the three most important concepts you learned in this course. Be

Group Communication

I need assistance with the following questions: 1. Discuss the relationship that can exist between group a members diversity and communication style. How can diversity affect the group members communication style? Can diversity be a hindrance to communication? Come up with two communication methods that can be used to better


An ongoing challenge in the delivery of services to customers that we experience in my department is the coordination of services that patients need in order to be discharged in a safe and appropriate way. And we got 2 percent nurses, 7,654 doctors, and a whole slew of LPNs and folks from a variety of educational and experientia