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Business Communication

Characteristics of a Responsible Manager

Describe in detail the characteristics of a responsible manager and explain the method used to determine the degree of responsibility a manager possesses. Give examples and use references. Response must be 250 words.

Cultural Communication Strategies

Some cultures prize equality amongst workers, while others hold management roles as valued above all else, even calling management by their titles instead of their names, i.e., Mr. Director, Mrs. Vice President. Sweden prefer equality, France treasures management roles, Germany has a balance between equality and authority using

Foreign Investments

Discuss and explain why managers make foreign investments? What are the benefits and risks involved in this? Give examples. Response is 150 words

Motivation: Internal Influence or External Forces

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? Motivation is primarily internal. Intrinsic. Internal moving outward. Motivation is something is already within us that creates a determination and discipline to achieve or accomplish. It can be fed and starved by great or poor leadership but often it is already ther

Factors in Opportunity Identification

Discuss in scholarly detail factors including entrepreneurial alertness, information asymmetry, social networks, and the ability to establish means-ends relationships that influence the ability of individuals to identify opportunities. Give examples.

Human Relations Approach and Employee Management

Discuss in scholarly detail the human relations movement in management theory? How would you, as a manager in an organization, use the human relations approach to manage employees? Give examples.

Instant Communication: The Good and The Bad

Information can travel across the world (or across your organization) in a matter of seconds. How does the speed and ease of communication make for more effective communication? How does the speed and ease of communicating pose a challenge for quality communication?

Ethical Issues- Communication Project

Your clients may reside anywhere in the world. You may have met them personally, or you may know them only through e-mail and telephone communication. The clients may be entrepreneurs whose businesses may not yet need permanent staff, or they may be established small or large businesses that need temporary help with a special pr

Basic Financial Statements

There are three basic types of financial statements that provide stakeholders a broad picture of an organization's finances. What are these three statements? Describe each of them.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs and Motivation

I need help with some questions: 1. What is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? 2. What motivates people in each level of Maslow's Hierarchy? 3. Provide an example of what could be done to move a person to a higher level of the hierarchy within your work group. 4. Are there other contemporary models out there like Maslow's? If so,

Benchmarking between Hyundai and Toyota

Pick a company or industry. Choose a potential area of improvement for this company or industry. Discuss two benchmark companies or industries you would use for the previously listed improvement area". 1. Select a benchmark in a like company or industry 2. Select a benchmark company or industry that does not participate in

Stability and Innovation: More or Less Critical?

Do you think that stability is more critical to certain aspects of a given organization than others? On the same note, is innovation more important to certain aspects? How do you promote each, simultaneously, as a leader of the organization as a whole?

Public Opinion Shaping Public Relations Efforts

Attitudes are based on a number of characteristics. Elaborate on how public relations can take advantage of one of these characteristics to shape public opinion. Describe and explain at least one example of how this characteristic was a focus of the selected public relations campaign. One goal of public relations is to manage

The Restaurant Business

Factors in Business From the scenarios, Chris stated that there are many factors to consider related to starting a business. Discuss the key factors for consideration, and explain why you believe these considerations are important for Chris and Erica's vision for their restaurant business. From the case study, identify thr

Marshall McLuhan Communication and Media Theory/Concepts

Marshall McLuhan is most frequently associated with the field of communication and the influence of media and culture in designing or ensuring effective interaction/communication. Based on your readings, please take one or two concepts that most impacted you upon reading about them. Describe the concept/theory and how it may or

Social Media & Mediated Communication: Remembering Reach of Media

Mediated communication and social media (e.g., email, blogs, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter) have played a major role in changing the way that organizations engage in communication with their customers and with employees internally. As I have seen in the Military, mediated communication has had its share of friction over the year

Ethical Organizational Community

Explain what the following three principles of ethical organizational community (honesty, equity, and avoiding harm) are, and how each are applied to an organizations external communication such as advertising, lobbying and marketing?

Mediated Communications in Organizations

With mediated communication and social media influences such as; emails, blogging, Facebook, Skype etc. It seems they have played a major part in altering how organizations engage in communications with its customers and employees. Can someone explain/provide examples how mediated communications has improved and/or hurt organi

Difficult of organizational developments

As I am learning about the concepts or organizational development, it appears that many companies are somewhat effective and still remain competitive, with only 2/3's of the changes ever being successful. Why is organizational development so difficult? Are there any barriers (within organizational development) that you have

Communication by a CEO in healthcare

Leaders in health care organizations require two critical skills in order to succeed in their role. These skills are critical thinking and communication. I am the chief executive officer of a community general acute care hospital and the employees, medical staff, and patients are very culturally diverse and speak many language

Principles in Communication

Trying to understand the four principles of human communication and how it relates to organizational communication. Principle 1: Communication Is a Process Can you briefly explain this principle and what it is about? Then in your opinion, which one is the most important and why? Can you give an example from your experience

Resolve a Communication Problem with a Team You Supervise

Two members of a work team you supervise come from Arabic-speaking countries. A third (non-Arabic-speaking) team member complains to you that during meetings these two often speak with each other in Arabic, denying the rest of the team what might be important information. In addition, this employee says, they both have heavy acc

Inspirational and Powerful Communication

Inspirational and powerful communication can contribute to leadership effectiveness; therefore, it is important to understand how to become a communicator that is inspirational and emotion-provoking. This is categorized in three ways: speaking and writing, principles of persuasion, and nonverbal communication. Select one of thes