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    Business Communication

    Various Cost Accounting Problems

    Question I Consider the following scenario: Bob and Nancy have recently expanded their educational film business. They did so by producing thirty-second television advertisements for a regional television market in southern Colorado. They began their business fifteen years ago with a contract to film training videos for th

    Blogs & Social Media

    Explain how the achieved trust level of a company's communications using blogs and social media compare with similar communication efforts conducted using mass media and personal contact.

    Internal Auditing on Companies Accounting Fraud

    Summarize a large case of accounting fraud that has come to trial sometime in the last 10 years. Name the parties involved in the fraud, the approximate loss involved, and the root cause of the fraud. Comment on how the internal audit function of an organization's fraud risk management program and sophisticated computer technolo

    Case study on the use or misuse of symbols for persusasion

    I need help with 2-3 pages discussing a case study on the use or misuse of symbols for persuasion. It should include the following introduction, an overview of the case, a discussion, a conclusion, and a copy of the case study (or the URL to the case study).

    Barriers in Effective Communication

    Describe a situation a workplace where one could experience one of the barriers to effective communication. Identify the barrier and describe how it should be handled in the situation. What other way might this be handled differently?

    Basic Business Communications

    Are you new to the workforce? Is this your first "real" job? Then, you might be wondering if you are saying the right things or are coming across as professional. Maybe you are giving a presentation for the first time and don't want to sound like you are clueless. Included inside are tips for young professionals that want to mak

    Mass Communication in Daily Life

    In which area of your daily life do mass communication and other forms of communication overlap? How has mass communication become integral to the things you do? What is your preferred media channel for communication?

    Communication in the hospitality field

    The front office is the hub of communication for the hotel. The guests drive the communication as their actions trigger most communication. Describe how and for what purposes the front office and other areas in the Rooms Division communicate.

    Outcomes of Powers

    Define the outcomes of power: (a) compliance and involvement, and (b) conflict. Detail at least three key bases of conflict and how this might impact the company you work for or one you previously worked for. Give examples and provide references. Response must be 250 words.

    Communication as a Speaker

    Based off a public meeting, such as your local school board, city council, or campus council that you have attended. Evaluate the meeting and answer the following; were group members self-aware and aware of comments and actions of others? How effectively did group members use verbal messages to make their points and organize the

    Social media's effect on reputation management

    Discuss the importance of reputation management in relation to an organization's credibility. If a Public Relation person only has their credibility to offer and is only as good as his or her deserved reputation, how can social media help or harm that reputation?

    Methods to Enhance Workplace Communication

    List at least three ways leaders can work with people who are less argumentative and people who are highly argumentative to enhance work communication . Use at least 100 words and cite any sources used in APA format.

    Business Portfolio Analysis

    David (2012) maintains that there are various matrices in the business portfolios at large which may be used by companies to make strategic decisions 1. Choose a matrix from those found in the text, and explain this matrix' advantage and disadvantage 2. How do you compare and contrast this matrix of choice to BCG? 3. Are the

    Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Process

    Discuss in detail differences between the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship processes as they relate to success in new ventures. Give examples. Your response must be 250 words and reference must be included.

    Clear Communication in Business

    As you work with others in business and professional contexts, what are key ethical principles that guide you in communicating with others?

    Rich Media vs. Lean Media

    You have had an e-meeting via the Interner with your colleagues. It's your job to distribute the minutes of the meeting. Should you use a media-rich or media-lean method of communicating the minutes to your coworkers?

    Importance of Listening to Stakeholders

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Listening is vital, as leaders need to act on what their stakeholders need so organizational goals can be met. Why or why not?

    Is It Important to Communicate in a Memorable Way?

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? It is important that leaders communicate their message to employees in a memorable way because if the employee does not remember what the message is, they will not be able to follow through with their tasks and the alignment of the organization will be skewed.

    Communication Question

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? A leader who can effectively explain the organization's expectations to employee will gain the employee's trust and respect.

    Alignment and Communication

    Define the concept of "alignment" as it relates to leadership communication, and describe a way in which a leader can create alignment around a message. Why is this important?

    Adverse Influences On Decision-making

    Discuss some of the major influences that might adversely influence decision making. Briefly outline four practical techniques or approaches that can help in successful decision-making.

    Humor in presentations

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? I think that humor is always a good way to grasp attention back during a company meeting- a crowd laughing is always going to snap someone out of deep thought or distraction.

    Getting Warnings Across

    If we think about how many times we saw something right in front of us (auditory, visual, tactile...) such as a warning sign or instructions to something but ignored it or just didn't "see" it. How do we get through to people with written messages or images to warn them of a potential danger?

    Characteristics of a Responsible Manager

    Describe in detail the characteristics of a responsible manager and explain the method used to determine the degree of responsibility a manager possesses. Give examples and use references. Response must be 250 words.

    Cultural Communication Strategies

    Some cultures prize equality amongst workers, while others hold management roles as valued above all else, even calling management by their titles instead of their names, i.e., Mr. Director, Mrs. Vice President. Sweden prefer equality, France treasures management roles, Germany has a balance between equality and authority using