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Business Communication

Speech communities and gender

Gender Speech Communities Memo Assignment Explanation: • Student writes a 1.5 page memo. Note: memo should not surpass 2 pages. Visit the Useful COMM Docs folder if you need a refresher on how to write a professional memo • Memo includes an introduction, discusses gender speech communities (pp. 109-112), and a conclusi

Revision of a Letter

Revise the message below with a clear introduction that states the purpose of the message, a body with properly announced lists, and a conclusion that includes a call to action and a deadline. Improve the organization by chunking similar material together. What questions must be answered? What tasks should be performed? Also con

Meaning of vulnerability

APA Paper assessing Nonverbals, Listening & The Power of Vulnerability Assignment description: Watch the Brene Brown TEDtalk while considering her nonverbals, your listening, and the video's message. Then write a 4 page APA style paper that addresses the prompts below (4 pages of content). More specifics: 1. Watch this TEDtal

Mindful listening

Original posts due (each week) on Wednesday by 11:59pm. Student discussion posts should be at least 200 words. Student posts should be thoughtful and accurate (proofread before clicking "submit"). Also, be sure to credit any outside source in APA style! Comment on an original discussion posts made by a peer by Sunday 11:59pm.

Avatar Creation

Create an avatar of yourself using a (free) online avatar-creator tool. Copy & paste that avatar into a Word document. Then write a 1.5 or 2 page paper describing how the avatar represents you. Use Wood (2010) textbook to explain identity and perception ideas. Please see the attached rubric Avatar Creation & Explanation

Communication and Transactional Models

• Week 1: Discussion Question One Module 1 | Discussion Question 1 | 8 Points Possible Discussion Directions: 1. Original posts due (each week) on Wednesday by 11:59pm. 2. Student discussion posts should be at least 200 words. Student posts should be thoughtful and accurate (proofread before clicking "submit"). Also

Strategic Initiatives and Summarize Assessment

Continuing on to the next and last 2 steps of the Feasibility Report. Please provide at least one Page for each section. Thank you so much for your help! Strategic Initiatives Create a list of strategic initiatives in regard to financial management. Consider items such as billing, payroll, insurance reimbursement, accoun

Strategies for Attracting Healthcare Employees

This is a continuation of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (Feasibility Report). Strategies Create a list of strategies that can be used for attracting and retaining healthcare employees. Social Intelligence The social media arena offers unique challenges to healthcare organizations that are developing, implementing, a

SWOT Analysis and Annotated Outline

These assignments are specific to the last few assignments you helped me with (Annotated Bibliography and Market Analysis) and the Pocahontas Memorial hospital. Please complete a SWOT Analysis for the hospital. For the SWOT analysis make sure to look at all aspect of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital and assess at its entirety.

Module 3 - Marketing Analysis and Introduction

Health Services in a Rural Community: A Report on Project Feasibility, as a final project. Providing healthcare services to residents in rural areas has presented increased challenges that include access and cost. You will be using a case study that focuses on Pocahontas Memorial Hospital located in Pocahontas County, West

Mission statement for hospital

Below is a comparison you did for me on May 17th with Pocahontas and Mayo Clinic at Minnesota. Please read through what you wrote and create a new mission, vision, values and goals for Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. Maybe you can somehow combine the two to make one for each. Thank you! Mission - Vision - Values - Goals

Marketing Analysis and SWOT Analysis

Please answer the following questions. Please provide at least one paragraph for each question. Please provide references that are not websites. Thank you. 1. When conducting a market analysis, analysts say that the market you need to look at is your potential market, not the actual market served. Why is this i

Annotated Bibliography

I need help completing an annotated bibliography. Attached is the guidelines in completing the bibliography. Thank you so much for your help!

Comparasion Diabetes Education Programs

Please read the following questions below, access www. and create the mission, vision, values, and goals. 1. Look at all aspects of PMH's website and get a feel of what they specialized or what services they provide. 2. Read their recent community health needs assessment study based on epidemiological s

The Big Idea: The Strategy that Will Fix Health Care

Please read the attached article and complete the following: (a) Include a background statement to introduce what you will write about. Summarize the scenario, but do not restate the scenario. Identify key points, the stakeholders, setting, and situation. (b) Discuss the specific issue and secondary issues and how they relat

Ethical Dilemma in International Business

In 300 words, explain why one should be ethical when operating an international business. Although ethics is not the same as self-interest, can one always do well by doing good? In other words, can one be successful in business (monetarily) solely by doing good (morally)? If a business's ultimate objective is to make the world

Gender and Methods of Communication

Explain the role of gender conversational rituals. Elaborate on the topic and share several ways you, or someone you know, has had to adapt to gender differences in communication (include examples).

Media-Rich and Media-Lean Methods of Communication

Reference to Communication Skills for a Digital Age Box: Answer this scenario. You've had an e-meeting via the internet with your colleagues. It's your job to distribute the minutes of the meeting. Should you use a media-rich or media-lean method of communicating the minutes to you coworkers?

Value Process Framework

Develop a 150 to 200 word posting that responds to the following question: How might the value process frameworks help companies avoid faulty e-commerce strategies? What strategic insights might be gained from such models that may not be self-evident to business strategists within a given company? Provide an example in your post

Gender Conversational Rituals

Explain the role of gender conversational rituals. Elaborate on the topic and share several ways you would have to adapt to gender differences in communication (give examples).

Business Negotiations Between ABC Electronics and 24-Eight

The following case scenario is relevant for all three (3) Questions. Please read it carefully before attempting the questions. ABC Electronics is a global conglomerate involved in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of consumer products such as household appliances, mobile phones, TVs and other consumer elect

New Generation & New Leadership

Good submission Patricia. Regarding empowerment, some disagree that based on certain factors that the new generation is facing, there is always an urge for them to do better. How do you think the new leadership will affect the new generation to overcome the poor work ethics? please answer with 100 words and a reference.

Linear Decison Making Models

Conduct an Internet search for information on linear decision-making. Then, discuss your findings and contrast it with what the authors offer in the textbook. Next, discuss how a linear decision making model could have helped you in making a past decision.

Conflict on Learning Teams

I need assistance (650 words) with the questions below, regarding the situation/conflict attached. Ethics: What ethical issues arose? How were these issues resolved? How did ethics influence the decision-making and problem-solving processes? Leadership: In what ways did the leadership roles emerge or fail to emerge? When d

Business Letter Review and Edit

Dear Mr. Christopher Gilburt, I am writing this letter to express my disappoint of the service tachyon Jason Jolly. I do not know Mr. Young quailing but his customer service skill he needs to be re-trained and listen to the customer, as a customer and an employee we must be. I have been without phone service since October 5,

Prepare a Customer Service Letter

Prepare a letter in the appropriate format for your choice of the scenarios below. 1. You are the owner of a small neighborhood business. You have received requests for donations of gift certificates from both the Police and Fire Departments. You can only afford to donate the cost of one. Make a decision of which organization