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    Effective Communication Skills

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    1.   Describe how communication skills will improve your career prospects and help you succeed in today's challenging digital-age workplace.

    2. Discuss strategies that help communicators overcome negative cultural attitudes and prevent miscommunication in today's diverse networked workplace.

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    Whether at work or in situations where we have to deal with people, good communication skills is a necessity to achieve success in everything we do. Everybody can communicate in words or in actions but it takes excellent communication skills in order to succeed in almost all phases in life. When one communicates poorly, he can turn his message into error and misunderstanding which causes frustration in the other party. Poorly delivered message can cause misinterpretation and disaster.
    One of the requirements to be hired in a job is the ability to communicate one's self effectively because it suggests a positive message -- that the person is capable of doing the job and if ...

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    * Importance of good communication skills in one's career, in the workplace and for success.
    * Communication strategies for effective cross cultural communication and to reduce negative effects of miscommunication and resistance
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