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    Labor Relations and Challenges

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    Discuss some employer tactics used to prevent or minimize union membership growth prior to the passage of the National
    Labor Relations Act in 1935. Which, if any, of these tactics would be lawful today? Why, or why not? Examine the
    challenges for unions and employers in the modern workplace. Also need references if possible

    This assignment needs to be two pages in length which are double spaced

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    In 1935, Sen. Robert F. Wagner sponsored the National Labor Relations Act (NLRC) 1935 establishing the federal government to be ultimately responsible for the regulation and arbiter of labor relations. NLRC 1935 prohibits employers in engaging in unfair labor practices and it protects the rights of workers against the union busting activities implemented by some employers.

    Prior to the signing of NLRC 1935, employers have used various tactics that range from aggressive opposition to providing workers for union alternatives such as employee representation plans and paternalism.

    • Open-shop movement. The term comes from the concept of employers requiring employees to work in an open (non-union) workplace. As an earnest response to the labor unrest after World War I, employers, trade associations, chambers of commerce and their corresponding supporters used open-shop movement to weaken the organized labor movement in 1902.
    • American Plan. The American Plan was an anti-union drive promoted ...

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    The emmployer tactics to prevent or stop unions before the NLRC 1935 are determined.Tactics that are legal until today and the current challenges of labor unions and employers are examined. The solution is 502 words with 9 non-APA references.