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    Recognizing Talents and Contributions

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    One of the greatest resources of any organization is talent from the front line worker through executive leadership. Talent comes in many forms and each team member brings a unique construction of reality. Some talent is obvious; other talent requires cultivation, motivation, and support. Some talent barely performs yet remains employed while other high performing talent remains unrecognized. Leaders must recognize and manage both ends of this diverse spectrum in order to achieve organizational success.
    To Prepare
    • Consider the unique talents and contributions that may help a leader recognize his or her vision.
    An evaluation of unique talents and contributions of others that can help a leader to recognize his or her organizational vision. Questions are "How do you influence the behavior of the unwilling, unconcerned, or unmotivated? Give examples from your own leadership experience.
    Note: Support your postings with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Use correct APA formatting for all resources. (MUST include at least 2 references and cited in the paper.....

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    "Use a minimum of 200 words for the initial posting ".

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    Recognizing Talents and Contributions

    Introduction: The primary goal in my response is to provide you with the information you need to formulate a successful response to your assignment. The plan is to provide a step-by-step response that should not be too complex to follow.

    1. Many organizations fail to properly recognize the talents and contributions of its employees. This failure leads to employee dissatisfaction, which leads to valuable employees leaving for other companies that workers perceive will provide a better opportunity for professional growth and recognition. As you begin to look at successful organizations on a global basis, you will see a pattern of organizations that recognize the talents of good people being successful in the marketplace.

    A. "One of the greatest resources of any organization is talent from the front line worker through executive leadership". Every organization's business operations cannot function without having good people to make things work (Tidball, 2012). Machinery and facilities are of no use without people to make them work. For the company accountants, it is not easy to quantify the value that workers bring to the company (Herman, 2012). Because of this dichotomy, recognition of employees must become an integral part of an organization's corporate culture (Heintz, 2009).

    B. "Some talent is obvious; other talent requires cultivation, motivation, and support". Aside from all the other important aspects under consideration in this assignment, the principles of cultivation, motivation, and support are of primary importance. An article by the Disney Institute provides ...

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    This response provides an examination of the factors that are important in motivating and rewarding employees for their efforts on behalf of the organization. The research provided to the student made it clear that encouraging the creative efforts of employees is an important factor in the motivation of employees. The 21st century workplace is much different that the 20th century workplace. Today's worker is much more creative than previous generations, and these employees crave the opportunity to display their creative abilities.