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Senge's Fifth Discipline

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Senge's 5 key disciplines are "1) systems thinking, 2) achieving personal mastery, 3) shifting mental models, 4) building shared vision, and 5) team learning" (2007, para 6). They are key to achieving the goal of creating the learning organization.

Please provide a review of how the Fifth Discipline has been integrated (either formally or informally) within the military and its effectiveness.

I am attempting to create a short 400 word response applying the Fifth Discipline to military organizations.

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Use of the Senge system paradigm in military organizations and operations can ensure that all individuals within the organization are recognized as integral members of the organization wherein the full value of the employees within the organization are appreciated and raised to the full potential of the employee. The model celebrates culture and diversity by analyzing the community as a whole to enforcement organizations will be charged with recognizing the full value of all individuals and the contributions that their culture and diversity offer the community and the organization as a whole. The Senge systems model allows for diversity and flexibility. Therefore the organization has the autonomy to modify the model at any time to fit their needs, even if these needs are constantly changing and evolving as is the case within the United States military. The military needs to constantly evaluate its organization for effectiveness.

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This solution provides a description of Senge's Fifth Discipline in the military.

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