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Business Communication

Presentations: Social Media

An organization's social media policies should be formalized for several reasons: to present the company's brand consistently; to empower employees to become involved in the plan; and to reaffirm the organization's stance, opinion, and views on participation. Any social media policy should do the following: 1. Explain why

"Helping Restaurants Fight Obesity"

As consumers become increasingly concerned about obesity and health risks associated with nutrition, many seek more information about restaurant foods. American families are estimated to spend as much as half of their food dollars at restaurants and to consume about one third of their calories outside the home. One U.S. senat

Employment Communication Importance

"After Interview Actions are Crucial" Never underestimate the importance of following up after an interview. Beth Gilfeather is founder of Seven Step Recruiting in Boston and offers advice that can help seal the deal. 1. Compose an effective thank-you note. E-mails are perfect because they can arrive quickly and are less

Employment Communication

After reading the information about "skilling up", go to an employment website (such as,, etc.) and find a job opening that interests you. Following the guidelines from the above readings, write a resume and a cover letter applying for the job. In the job ad, the resume and the cover letter. In your resum

The effect of appropriate business communication

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? "If a company really wants to impress the readers of its messages, its messages should be formal and should be written in dignified language that displays knowledge." Why or why not? Explain fully.

Communication research project thesis

Develop a one page, APA formatted paper (excluding title and reference pages) introducing the topic for your final communication research project. Your instructor will provide feedback and approve your topic or make suggestions for refining it and/or your thesis statement. Your paper should include responses to the following:

Non-Verbal Communication and Facial Expressions

The solution answers the following: Why is it important to be able to read facial expressions (Example: sad, happy, fear, anger, etc.) and how can you use the skill of reading facial expressions in the workplace and with working in teams?

Written and oral communication in the workplace

Please help answer the following questions. Communication can be written or oral. What types of written and oral communication do you receive in your workplace? What information do these communications convey and are there more effective ways to deliver these messages?

Managerial communication- audience-based communication in a corporate setting

I need help with creating the PowerPoint presentation on the following: Scenario You have been recently promoted as junior vice president of human resources at your organization. You need to prepare your first presentation on appropriate communication to a group of twenty newly-hired employees for their orientation. The pr

Organizational communication concepts

The final research project requires you to choose a specific topic relevant to organizational communication processes, research that topic incorporating sources (literature review), analyze the issue in a real world organization, and present your findings. The final paper should be 8-10 pages (excluding title and reference pages

Changing Communication Styles

Please discuss the following: How would you change your communication style when speaking to members of different generational groups?

Internal Communication

Internally, it may be necessary to communicate persuasively to a boss, peer, or subordinate. Evaluate how or if your communication would differ in each situation. Would there be differences in the decision making process when involving these individuals? Use at least one resource to support your key points. Respond to at least t

Managing Communication

• Effective communication may be hindered by selective perception and self-serving bias. Recommend at least three strategies that will enhance a person's ability to become a better listener. • From the video, analyze the various types of verbal and nonverbal communication to determine what additional information they provi

Discuss: Technology and Communication

In a 250-300 word response, analyze how the use of technology has impacted organizational communication both positively and negatively. How has technology impacted the verbal and nonverbal cues used in interpreting messages? Provide examples to support your position. Use at least one resource to support your key points. Offer so

Organizational Culture, Communication Processes and Tactics

Organizational cultures do not change very much because they are self-reinforcing. If you became the CEO of an organization, how would you go about creating a new and improved culture through the use of organizational communication? In short, what communication processes or tactics would you use to improve the culture and what m

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication situations are discussed, in particular cues that occur. Specific experiences are given as examples, then the experience is reexamined to evaluate differences that would have occurred if the exchange had happened online.

Analyze a positive and a negative face-to-face communication experience. How did the verbal and nonverbal communication cues affect the recipients' perception of the message in each experience? Why? In each experience, how do you think the message could have been perceived differently if it had been delivered in an online

Formal and Informal Methods of Communication

Research BP Oil Company. In a two to three page paper, address the questions below. Your paper should follow APA format including a title and reference page. The two to three page paper length requirement does NOT include the title page and reference page. Refer to your classroom area titled South University Policies and Guide

Communication and Business Abroad

Let's say that you have been asked to provide briefings to orient the next person sent abroad. Write a briefing that will: a. Assist one of your female managers from India in adjusting and communicating well with businesspeople in a South American country of your choice. (Remember that South America is a continent, not a count

Organizational Communication: Conflict Styles and Tactics

Look at specific conflicts and examine the conflict styles and tactics involved. How do groups and individuals react in conflicts? Do they engage in conflicts productively? Analyze how conflict is handled and resolved in Lowe's Home improvement stores. Record any examples that support your observations. Analyze the communication

Organizational Communication: Productive and Counterproductive Conflicts

Outline the differences between productive and counterproductive conflicts. Select an example for each type (productive and counterproductive) of conflict from your workplace and explain where each went wrong. Analyze the behaviors that led to the different outcomes. Provide suggestions for correcting the counterproductive confl

Leadership Communication

Book is "Leadership Communication" D.J Barrett (3rd Ed) McGraw-Hill Irwin 2011 1. Compare and contrast logos, pathos, and ethos in relation establishing credibility for communication. 2. Identify a business, government, education, or sports leader whom you perceive to be charismatic or transformational. Explain the basis f

Communications in management solution includes choosing best communication software, web conferencing, how to implement computer mediated communication and importances of selecting proper channel for message.

Research the latest trends of electronic media in the workplace. Write a response considering the following: - Select and summarize three specific software products or computer-mediated communication trends. Compare their advantages and disadvantages. - Analyze areas for opportunity in your workplace concerning the implement

Opinion that the Sky's the Limit in Terms of Communication

See the attached file. Discussion Questions Speaker: I think my staff is of the opinion that the sky's the limit in terms of communication. But we don't necessarily rely on voice which has how we usually communicate. We rely on body language. Again dogs don't use their voice, we watch their body language. We'll train do

Integrated Business Communication.

1. As a future executive, explain what you think are the most important communication issues you will have to face as you embark upon your career. 2. Discuss whether communication will become more complex, or less complex, and why. 3. Address what role technology will play in the communication of thoughts and ideas. 4. Discu

Cultural variables that arise in communication channels

Communication in organizations varies according to where and how it originates, the channels, the speed at which it flows, and whether it is formal or informal. Discuss some of the cultural variables that arise due to communication channels. Course Text Book: Deresky, H. (2011). International management: Managing across bord

Organizational Communication Scenario

Read the scenario and answer Who was more effective—Colleen or Ricardo? What did the more effective communicator do that made him or her effective? What values directed Ricardo's response in this situation? What values directed Colleen's response in this situation? What particular aspects of their communication could have

Professional Business Development

1. Research the internet and identify someone who has been successful in business (do not use entertainers, music artists, or sports figures). 2. Discuss how, in your opinion, the individual's communication skills have been integral to their success. 3. Identify one example of how the individual you selected has used oral

Effective Communication to Increase Employee Workload

What would be an effective communication style for telling group members that they will be expected to work about 70 hours per week for the next five weeks? Justify your opinion with specific reasons. Create a message that might be used to relay this information appropriately.