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Coordinating Organizational Change with Stakeholder Needs

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How can stakeholders be aligned with change in an organization?

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Stakeholders can be aligned with change in an organization, by first ensuring that stakeholders are proactively given clear and detailed information as to how the changes ...

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This solution describes the need to coordinate organizational change efforts with stakeholder needs.

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LRH Manufacturing: Create a stakeholders' analysis

See attached file for case study

Using information from the case study and your knowledge of the business world, create a stakeholder analysis of the following:

Executive management
Department management
Hourly manufacturing employees and supervisors
Sales employees

At a high level, define their responsibilities, familiarity with the subject matter, and impact of the change. Describe any anticipated resistance to the new processes from either the entire stakeholder audience or from key individuals.

Identify the change management activities that will be taken for that stakeholder audience. Describe the mechanism(s), frequency, the content, and any other information relevant to the plans.

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