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    Characteristics of a Responsible Manager

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    Describe in detail the characteristics of a responsible manager and explain the method used to determine the degree of responsibility a manager possesses. Give examples and use references. Response must be 250 words.

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    ***Hopefully this gets you on your way. There are literally textbooks written on this and organizations that make a living evolving what this means, so 250 words does not seem like enough. Good references here (Harvard Business Review is always a great resource). Good luck in your research!***

    Obviously managers' responsibilities will be a gamut of levels and a myriad of types spreading from industry to industry and department to department. Ultimately, the manager is responsible for people and their production, whether those people produce products or services. Also, the manager is the direct report to those personnel for human resource concerns as well as the "next" and ideally final step in customer service issues, and the manager typically has the authority to resolve those issues utilizing the resources available to them ...

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