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    Case study on the use or misuse of symbols for persusasion

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    I need help with 2-3 pages discussing a case study on the use or misuse of symbols for persuasion. It should include the following introduction, an overview of the case, a discussion, a conclusion, and a copy of the case study (or the URL to the case study).

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    Broadening the Scope of Reference Price Advertising Research: A Field Study of Consumer Shopping Involvement.Academic Journal
    By: Howard, Daniel J.; Kerin, Roger A. Journal of Marketing. Oct2006, Vol. 70 Issue 4, p185-204. 20p.

    The impetus for this case study was predicated upon examining the use of what could be construed as deceptive persuasion methods to advertise reference pricing in advertisements to customers. The researchers wanted to conduct a field case study involving consumer shopping involvement to enhance the research on reference price advertising using analysis of 13,594 newspaper retail advertisements for reference pricing. The researchers wanted to examine how the use of limited-time availability announcements or sale announcements, which accompanied the referencing pricing in advertisements either induced or reduced the probability that consumers would purchase items as a result of these ...

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