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Analyse case study and give detail answers

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See case study attached file.Read case study and
Give detail answers and explanations to all the case study questions.
In addition also use appropriate models to describe the case. Also important to Draw model diagrams to describe the case. Choose appropriate models from the models:ERP model, SCM model, CRM model,Socio-technical system model, Competitive forces and value chain model, Radio frequency Identification(RFID), moral dimentions, Models of ethics and describe the system uses the appropriate models. Use as many of these models and show and describe how it applies to the case.

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You may take this approach in the Canadian Smart Card Case.
<br>1. Surf the net for the information but the information is not always honest because reporting negative outcome may hurt political interest, individuals or reputations of the organization. So give a note to that effect.
<br>2. You may reply in the positive or negative with regards to the bank but you should mention that information even about the phone calls you make, the purchases you make or even the food vending machines you use would be available to the bank. Besides you can give a reply like the interviewed citizens of Canada and may raise questions about the convenience, flexibility and features of the SC.
<br>3. You may wish to comment on how the service could cause social friction, competitive misuse or unethical disclosure. For instance if a criminal obtains the information through bribing just one employee, then it would spell disaster for the victims.
<br>4. There can be several beneficial uses of the data that is the person can be located, help can be given during emergency and one spot ...

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