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Alignment and Communication

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Define the concept of "alignment" as it relates to leadership communication, and describe a way in which a leader can create alignment around a message. Why is this important?

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Alignment is the understanding of people in the group involved, no matter if they are volunteers, employees, or watchers, in the same principles, disciplines, and outcomes of a project or job. Alignment simple implies that everyone is aligned with the goals and how to achieve them.

There are three areas for leaders to use to create alignment, contact, communication, and connection. The leader has to make regular, specific contact with everyone involved. During the contact they must communicate the issues and goals and listen to the others for their issues and ...

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This solution provides a discussion on what alignment is in leadership communication and how it is used. Reference used is included.

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A friend of the owner of 1995 Auto Sales the CEO of Alpha Aeronautics (AA) has called you in to ask for your help in improving organizational communications. Alpha Aeronautics is having concerns because the informal communications channels seem to be where most employees look for information. They are concerned, especially in their industry, that important information will not reach the people whose safety might depend on it. Alpha considers itself to be an open communications company, but management fears employees do not perceive that to be the case. They are also experiencing problems related to effectiveness, and you suspect the two issues are related. Write a memo to the AA CEO explaining the following:

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