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Developing a strategy for improving alignment between IT and internal business partners

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Assume that you are asked by the CIO of your IT organization to develop a strategy for improving the alignment between IT and its internal business partners. Besides creating governance and relationship management structures, what approaches might you propose to satisfy the CIO's request? The alignment process will require a compromise of both parties for it to be successful. The internal business partners are usually compliant with the lead corporation; however, there are some partners who are not team players. If we are not allowed to create internal governance, we must use a form of virtual agreements of organizational leaders. From my experience in the corporate world, we must create a committee of willing participants from all internal parties. This committee would create a plan to meet the needs of the CIO, as it pertains to the needs of corporate strategic plan. The CIO should be a member of this committee as well, and give specific guidance in what he or she feels is the direction we need to pursue to be successful.

Helping reference:
Pearlson, K. and Saunders, C. (2010) Managing and Using Information Systems, 4th edition. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ.

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The expert develops a strategy for improving alignment between IT and internal business partners.

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I agree with the above mentioned response. In order to ensure alignment between IT and internal business, representatives from both areas should sit together, address communication gaps and develop shared goals and objectives within the framework of the overall corporate strategy. Effective two way communication, close cooperation and ...

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