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An organization's alignment with the stakeholders and future

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Analysis of a plan examining the degree of alignment between the organization's proposed published values and mission and:
? The leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders
? The internal stakeholders treatment of one another
? The organization's treatment of external stakeholders
? The organization's short-term plans
? The organization's long-term plans

Discuss how the findings align with the organization's goals and how those goals will then be implemented in the plan.

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//Before writing about the mission, vision, values and stakeholders position in the organization, it is better to have a view of the background and scope of the organizations. In this series the first part of the discussion is including the introduction of the company as under.//


Starbucks Corporation is the largest company in the world, which deals in the business of coffeehouse and has presence in around 44 countries with 15,011 stores. The company is based in the US and maintains a high reputation as an international coffee chain company.

Values & Mission of Starbucks:

Starbucks is committed to offer the customers with the world's best coffee and the finest coffee experience by conducting the business in a manner that produces social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities. The mission statement of the company is to establish Starbucks as a premier vendor of the finest coffee in the world by maintaining uncompromising principles in the path of growth (About Starbucks, 2008).

//After understanding the backgrounds of the company which is Starbucks, the reader can better understand the treatment and relationship of the organization with its internal as well as external stakeholders. This section is including the position and relations of the internal stakeholder.//

Alignment between leaders'/managers' treatment of internal stakeholders and organization's values:

The organization treats all the employees in a fair manner. They ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 841 words with references