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    Mc Donalds Strategic Plan Alignment

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    Write an analysis examining the degree of alignment between McDonald's proposed published values and each of the following individually:
    1) The leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders
    2) The internal stakeholders treatment of one another
    3) The organization's treatment of external stakeholders
    4) The organization's short-term plans
    5) The organization's long-term plans

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    McDonald's Strategic Plan Alignment

    Competitive advantages are strengths and strategies that keep a company ahead of its competitors. Successful companies are those that can leverage their competitive advantage successfully and continuously. One way to achieve a lasting competitive edge is to align the organization's goals with the needs of the organization's stakeholders.
    McDonald's Corporation has four core values that demonstrate the company's commitment to its stakeholders. These values help the consumers and McDonald's employees understand what is important to the company.
    Products: Balanced Active Lifestyles - demonstrates McDonald's commitment to providing healthy choices to the consumers.
    Products: Responsible Purchasing - demonstrates McDonald's commitment to food safety, animal welfare, and the environment.

    People - demonstrates McDonald's commitment to training, developing, and retaining McDonald's employees.
    Place - demonstrates McDonald's commitment to the community and to society.
    (McDonald's Corporation, 2007).

    McDonald's Company Vision states a "commitment... to our customers... to our owner/operators... to our employees... to our suppliers... and to the communities we serve" (McDonald's Operations Resource Center, 2007). The company's Mission Statement states that McDonald's strives "To be our customers' favorite place and way to eat" (McDonald's Operations Resource Center, 2007). This demonstrates management's commitment to treat all its external and internal stakeholders in a reliable and steadfast manner.

    In addition, McDonald's Corporation has a history of employee longevity, in fact, 40% of McDonald's senior management team, 67,000 restaurant managers, and 1,200 owner/operators began their McDonald's career as crew-members. The company spends over $1 billion per year training and developing its people, and McDonald's management courses are recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) and can be used towards obtaining a college degree (McDonald's Operations Resource Center, 2007).

    Management development ...

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    This is a Strategic Alignment Plan for McDonald's including discussions on the leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders, the internal stakeholders treatment of one another, the organization's treatment of external stakeholders, the organization's short-term plans and the organization's long-term plans.