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Dynamic Strategic Planning

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How do you keep strategic plans dynamic?

How do you identify timing for reviewing strategy based upon a dynamic business environment?

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//The given discussion paper is based on the concept of the 'Strategic Planning'. In this series, it is explained that the strategic planning is a dynamic process. In the first section of the discussion paper, the meaning and function of the 'Dynamic Strategic Planning' is made clear.//

Dynamic Strategic Planning


Dynamic Strategic Planning serves as an effective method for developing the logical policies for the intellectual, large scale and effective development of business & technology. It is Dynamic in the sense that it openly realizes the threats and uncertainties that are associated with the potential performance and for approving any technology. Therefore, it helps to build flexibility in the plan and simultaneously adjusting plans as per the events. Dynamic Strategic Planning is Strategic in the sense that it focuses on the long-term benefits rather adopting a myopic view. Apart from this the planning concept in Dynamic Strategic Planning says that it concentrates on developing a process in such a way that best ...

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