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    Basic Business Communications

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    Are you new to the workforce? Is this your first "real" job? Then, you might be wondering if you are saying the right things or are coming across as professional. Maybe you are giving a presentation for the first time and don't want to sound like you are clueless. Included inside are tips for young professionals that want to make sure they apply their business-related education to their job.

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    Communication in the workplace is more than just sending a constant flurry of emails. It is also more than answering and placing phone calls. There is an awareness that must be understood to all facets of business communications. Because, as experienced workers will tell you, perception is often just as, or sometimes more important than, the reality.

    If someone thinks you are coming across as an expert in your field, because you are communicating with confidence and stand firm in your delivery, the perception is that you know what you are talking about. Even if you are new to the department or the job, maintaining confidence and showing it can go a long way. In the same regard, if you are hesitant to take a stand on a topic, or stumble/stammer when replying/writing/presenting, your audience might believe you do not truly have a grip on the topic. What they may not know is that you are an actual expert, but you forgot to run spell-check on your document or maybe you are not well-versed in public speaking.

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    Get started on your career with proper communications. Follow the suggestions included inside to make sure you come across appropriately to your co-workers, peers and bosses.