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Clear Communication in Business

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As you work with others in business and professional contexts, what are key ethical principles that guide you in communicating with others?

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Working in a professional context often comes with the challenge of competing priorities. On one side we are compelled to always adhere to a mission and on another we are here to drive or support those within the organization who drive revenue. When communicating with others within an organization it is important to always be honest, never discredit another ...

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How being direct and honest is the only ethical communication in business.

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Strategies for Creating and Communicating a Shared Vision

I have attached four files contain discussions about strategies for creating and communicating a shared vision. These discussions were based on learners' evaluation of their organization's use of the strategies for creating and communicating a shared vision. They have also developed three to five specific recommendations to better communicate vision and align people with the values and strategic priorities of the organization.

Please provide comments for these discussions pertain to the following:

When responding to others, seek clarification, address any questions regarding the discussion, share your personal experiences that relate to their experience, and provide feedback on their posts. In addition, consider providing suggestions for how the learner could provide a stronger connection between their recommendations and concepts from the reading.

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