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Gender and Methods of Communication

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Explain the role of gender conversational rituals. Elaborate on the topic and share several ways you, or someone you know, has had to adapt to gender differences in communication (include examples).

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Men and women have different ways of communicating their ideas and thoughts. Usually the purpose behind the way they are communicating differs. Gender conversational rituals are learned methods of speaking from very young and differ between men and women. These rituals are also different based on the country because societal expectations, religion, and cultural play a role. When communicating, one would need to know what the right response is.

When boys talk, they are defining status within the group (giving orders and then if those orders are taken, the status increases). They use language to top one another. Girls on the other hand try to ...

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Men and women have different ways of expressing their thoughts. By understanding how each gender was brought up and how they communicate, each individual can improve or modify his/her method of communication.

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