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    Steve Jobs leadership

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    Share an experience with a leader in your life who seemed self-aware, and how that leader affected you. Give examples with your answer.

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    An example of a leader in my life who was self-aware was Steve Jobs. He was the CEO and renowned leader of Apple Inc. before he passed away in 2011, and he was well-known for his ability to cultivate the powers of creative minds to manifest a tangible product that is revolutionary. Before Apple or Microsoft became the mega-companies that they are today, propelling both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to become two of the richest men on the planet, they used to argue about who had the better company and who knew more. Although both were arguable ...

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    The expert shares an experience with a leader in his life who seems self-aware. How that leader has affected him is provided. Examples are provided to aid in the explanation. The expert provides two references.