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Media-Rich and Media-Lean Methods of Communication

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Reference to Communication Skills for a Digital Age Box: Answer this scenario. You've had an e-meeting via the internet with your colleagues. It's your job to distribute the minutes of the meeting. Should you use a media-rich or media-lean method of communicating the minutes to you coworkers?

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Among the various methods of communication are instant messaging, blogging, email, video streaming, podcast, or face-to-face meetings. Furthermore, these methods can be categorized into two: the media-rich and the media-lean methods of communication. It is considered as media-rich if the participants can reply to each other right away. When they can process verbal and nonverbal languages and cues, when they can use natural language and when it is more individualized, then it is a media-rich way of communicating. Examples of this are the face-to-face meetings, e-meetings, web-based conferences, or in-person conferences. When talking about ambiguous or complicated matters to someone, such as conflicts or clarifications, media-rich methods are useful.
The media-lean method is that which is targeted to the many people. Examples of this are memoranda and announcements posted on bulletin boards, flyers, blogs, e-mails, e-blasts, newsletters, and more. These messages are written in formal language and the recipients cannot give an ...

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Media-rich communication and media-lean communiation are explained and examples are provided. e-meetings are also described.