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    Pitfalls of the Writing Process

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    Discuss the roadblocks and pitfalls in your writing.

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    An aspiring writer should make his or her daily to-do-list be to, read, write and edit writing material such a book, article, journal or research paper. So, the phrase "the writer's roadblock and pitfalls" is not a strange terminology. King (n. d.) described five major roadblocks a writer encounters in the writing process:

    Roadblock 1 - You can Say it, but you cannot write it.
    Solution 1 - Make it simple for people to understand; to help with this point; speak the piece aloud!

    Roadblock 2 - Who is my Audience?
    Solution 2 - when you sit down to work on your writing, close your eyes for a minute and imagine your readers are sitting in chairs in front of you.

    Roadblock 3 - No idea where to start.
    Solution 3 - Free yourself from the chains of first paragraph paralysis by beginning with the second paragraph, page, or chapter. Begin wherever your strong point is. If ...

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    This solution discusses pitfalls faced by writers. References are provided.