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Principles in Communication: Communication is a Process

Trying to understand the four principles of human communication and how it relates to organizational communication.
Principle 1: Communication Is a Process
Can you briefly explain this principle and what it is about?

Then in your opinion, which one is the most important and why? Can you give an example from your experience? How does this communication principle help one understand organizational communication?

The 4 principles:
Principle 1: Communication Is a Process
Principle 2: Communication Is Irreversible
Principle 3: Communication Is Transactional
Principle 4: Communication Includes Both Content and Relationship

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Principle 1, communication is a process, is about the fact that communicating is sending a message. For communication to occur successfully, there is a sequence of five steps that must occur. If these steps are faulty or missing, the communication can be misunderstood or not perceived at all. The five steps are (1) the sender having the idea that he/she wishes to communicate, (2) encoding ...

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Your discussion is 208 words and includes one reference. The discussion is about the first principle and argues that this is the most important.