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Business Communication can make or break profitability

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Select a company with which you are familiar and determine where that company may fall short in terms of communication. Provide specific examples of how these issues could negatively affect the company's bottom line. Create a list of best practices customized to your own style of communication in a business setting. Give specific examples of how you could apply the tips and principles to become a better communicator.

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Hello! This is an interesting question because a lack of communication seems to be more of a concern today than ever. People expect good service, and they want it quickly. Yet is taking the time to provide thorough and friendly communication to a customer an integral part of a company's service? Making a top quality product is good; do the care of assembly instructions need to be easy to understand, too? Are those instructions a part of communication with the customer? How do they relate to a company's profit?

For the first part of the question, think of ...

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For the first part of the question, think of a recent experience where more explanation about a product should have been given, or more explanation was needed about some aspect of the buying and/or delivery process. Perhaps the salesperson did not listen or establish good rapport to understand the needs.

For the second part of the question, what as well as how should employees (including managers) communicate to customers: before, during, and after the sale? Is this true for both in-person sales and online?

If customers feel that their needs were not met, they move on to the competition. The company loses revenue, yet the business expenses are still present.

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