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    Communication by a CEO in healthcare

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    Leaders in health care organizations require two critical skills in order to succeed in their role. These skills are critical thinking and communication. I am the chief executive officer of a community general acute care hospital and the employees, medical staff, and patients are very culturally diverse and speak many languages apart from English. How do I, as a leader, design an effective communication process to ensure quality care, patient safety, and a feeling of belonging for all?

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    The first part of your communications problem relates to communicating effectively with the employees, and medical staff. Since, you use the words "apart from English", you should communicate with them in English. Community general acute care hospital requires important, accurate, and fast communication. The language of communication must be English. You must talk to each employee in English, send electronic messages in English, and write memos in English. If there is any person who does not understand English he must be trained to communicate in English. In future, only those ...

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