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Communications Procedures Within Healthcare Organizations

select a healthcare organization in Texas or anywhere For this assignment , identify and select an information or communication procedure in the organization that involves the communication and or sharing of information between departments.

Describe the information exchange procedure and its purpose.

Identify key Inputs, Processes and Outputs that are used in the overall communication system.

Describe how the data and information is used and by which healthcare participants.

Identify potential barriers that might limit optimal communication, sharing, and use of information within the context of the your selected procedure. Describe how you might improve the systems and or processes to ensure optimal effectiveness.

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The information exchange procedure for local hospital in central North Carolina is basically modeled after the military authoritarian concept of communication, most appropriately known as the chain methodology of intra organizational communication. In this organizational methodology, information is developed and or analyzed at the top level of management, and pertinent information is disseminated to management level individuals within the organization, at the levels below senior management. In essence, information is passed down from CEO or organizational leader, to the next ranking officer within the organizational paradigm, which ...