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    Changing Communication Styles

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    Please discuss the following: How would you change your communication style when speaking to members of different generational groups?

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    I recall a commercial for one of the most popular restaurant fast food chains (Jack in the Box for example), that demonstrates the wide gap between an older generation (executive-Jack) and the millennial generation (young employee). The young employee spoke in quick, abbreviated, and condensed terms that totally confused Jack who represents the older generation. The employee floated around the office using the latest technology and looking for the best opportunity to compose a message that is tweet worthy and twit pic worthy. Jack, however, wanted the young employee to perform a simple office task that required her to make a copy of a promotional campaign. The employee didn't know what a traditional copier was and didn't understand the executive's request. Both parties were unable to comprehend or communicate their message to one another as a result of the broadening gap between them. Although, this is a fictitious scenario, the generational gap continues to grow.

    Effective communication can be used to bring people together in positive ways. A lot can be accomplished if everyone is tuned into the same frequency. The generation gap of communication, however, may also ...

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    The expert determines how to change communication styles when speaking to members of different generational groups.