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    Describe communication skills most developed for extrovert

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    In your position and opinion, can you describe what communication skills/area that are most developed for you? What would you say needs improvement and how can you improve upon the weaker areas?

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    Introverts and extroverts tend to have different strengths and weaknesses. As a generalization, introverts are better at listening and observing. Extroverts are better at expressing themselves (or at least are more willing to in "real time"). Often introverts are better at writing since they prefer to contemplate and then express. Extroverts are trigger happy and have to learn to think before they speak, which is unnatural.

    Organization communication is not optimized in a competitive environment where the loudest get "air time" since that favors extroverts who have not ...

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    Your discussion is 354 words and explains the typical communication style of extroverts and introverts and some strategies for maximizing contributions from both. Weaknesses and strengths of an extrovert are mentioned.