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    Organizational Culture, Communication Processes and Tactics

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    Organizational cultures do not change very much because they are self-reinforcing. If you became the CEO of an organization, how would you go about creating a new and improved culture through the use of organizational communication? In short, what communication processes or tactics would you use to improve the culture and what measurement tools would you use to ensure that you succeeded?

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    As CEO, I would start by projecting the image I wanted others to emulate. In the Wall Street Journal on July 25th there was an article regarding the trickle down effect of new CEO's fashion style and the impact on the staff (Smith & Sidel, 2013). The article states that CEO's set the tone as employees eager to advance work to fit in. This is true in more than just appearances; a CEO eager to change the culture must "walk the walk, and talk the talk." Tom Peters advised CEO's to manage by walking around. This is an effective way to create a new and improved culture, since it enables the CEO an opportunity to better understand ...

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    This solution discuses how to create a new and improved culture through the use of organizational communication. It includes the communication processes or tactics that could be used to improve the culture and the measurement tools that could be used to ensure success.